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Finally Fast: Around the City, University City

6 May

Rena from FinallyFast takes a quick walk around Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Drexel University is one of the two Universities that makes up University City.

 I have no idea what the white spikes are but the light up at night, which is cool.

Here is another look at the spikes. I think they are suppose to be dragon scales (or at least that is my guess).

I’m not sure what this building is going to be, but it looks cool already.

Drexel’s main building is really cool looking. The above is the detail over the front door.

You can check out more information on Drexel University Here.

FinallyFast: Around the City

29 Apr

Rena from FinallyFast takes anothing look at spring in Philadelphia.

The last week as been hot and sticky here in Philadelphia. Its almost as if we went straight from winter chill to summer heat. Anyways today is a lot nicer and more Spring-ish. I thought I would share some of my favorite flowering trees as spring moves into summer. The above picture is from one of the little courtyards in Center City.

This beautiful tree is behind the Art Museum, you can see the water works in the back ground. That’s my bike in the lower right.

Here is another tree from close to the Art Museum. I loved how all the flowers seem to be hanging down in waves.

This huge crab apple is on Penn’s Campus. There is actually rows upon rows of flowering trees there, most of which are now getting past their prime.

Does anyone have a favorite flowering tree or favorite spring flower to share?


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