How to Handle Jealousy in the Workplace

28 Sep

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Like it or now, your workplace is a competitive environment. The number of available positions are usually smaller the higher you climb the ladder, and those positions are usually won through competition. Unfortunately, for some people competition can inspire jealousy. Jealousy can also poison your career by distracting you from your job and forcing you into constant comparisons that leave you demoralized. Want to curb your or others’ jealousy while keeping your eye on your goals? Consider these tips:

If You’re Jealous

•   Don’t Express Your Jealousy in the Workplace: Without a doubt, the first thing you should avoid doing is expressing your jealousy in the workplace, by either venting, or criticizing your coworkers’ skills. Expressing your jealousy in these ways may result in your coworkers and managers concluding that you lack control, or even worse, are prone to gossip.

•   Create a Performance Record: Create a month-by-month list of your tasks and your performance. This habit will get you to focus on yourself, and provide you with a handy reference when it’s time for your employee review.

•   Talk to Your Manger: Bring your monthly record with you when you have your next conversation with your manager. Show your manger and ask him or her how you can best make your next step. Be clear that you’re doing this because you want the promotion or raise next time. Learned to keep updating my record and to inform my boss of what was going on regularly.

•   Develop Your Skillset: Ask the person you’re jealous of how they learned to do what she do, and improve your skill set accordingly. And be sure to put a different spin on your skill set to make you stand out more by combining your new skill with your previous experience.

•   Shop Around: Finally, see what other job are available to you in your industry, either with your current skill set, or your improved skill set in the future.

If You’re Coworker is Jealous:

•   Don’t Brag at Work: Never name-drop that you had lunch with the CEO, mention the conference you’re attending, or talk excitedly about your new job or salary with less-fortunate coworkers. If you need to brag, save it for the dinner table after work.

•   Help Your Coworkers: If your coworker expresses some jealousy on their behalf, suggest that they create the month-by-month list of their tasks and performance, along with any other tips that you can provide.

•   Develop your Employees’ Skillsets: If you’re a new manager for former peers, encourage and develop your new staff’s strengths. You need to know what to do to make all the people in your department stars. Then you can eventually find the most skilled employees and promote them out from underneath you.

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