How to Use Testimonials to Your Advantage

16 Sep

FinallyFastBusiness tips from the Finally Fast team

With today’s economy, more and more consumers are taking customer reviews into consideration before they make a purchase. As a result, sharing these reviews is a great way to encourage confidence in your service or product. A positive testimonial makes for engaging content to share on your website, in your e-mail newsletter, via social media sites and in print materials. There are many ways that businesses of all sizes can encourage these reviews. Here are some of the most popular techniques:

Find out where your Customers already post Reviews

Do frequent online searches for your business name, plus the word “reviews” and then “complaints.” Also be sure to search on Twitter and any other place that your customers may be commenting about their experience, such as yelp or Google maps. You need to know where your customers are most likely to publish reviews so you can enable others to post in those same places.

Request Reviews across Multiple Channels

Your e-mail newsletter is an excellent place to ask for customer reviews. Always make it easy for customers to click and share their kudos. And be sure to offer multiple ways for them to submit their reviews; whether by posting to your Facebook page or on Twitter, linking to a third-party review site, or simply e-mailing you with their stories. You can also post these reviews on Google+, MySpace, or even LinkedIn.

Survey Customers after a Sale

After a sale is closed, be sure to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Provide an open-ended question at the end of the survey where customers can share their comments about what most impressed them. If they write anything that’s compelling, ask the customer if you can publish it.

Customer Interviews

Always send customers who publish positive reviews thank you e-mail and ask if they would be willing to do an additional brief interview for a testimonial. Next, post the interview on your website, then post blurbs from the interview on all of your social media portals, with links leading back to the interview on your web site.

Post Success Stories

Reading a positive customer story minimizes a prospect’s risk before making that first purchase. Make sure you display customer reviews and testimonials across sales and marketing channels, online and in print materials.

Use Customer Stories for Content

Develop the best reviews into short testimonials or more detailed customer success stories for use on your website, in your newsletter and in print materials. Be sure to get the customers’ permission beforehand.

Listen to what Customers are Saying

Finally, be sure to carefully analyze your customer reviews to build your strategy, find new niches and fix what needs fixing.


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