Spring is On It’s Way

4 Mar

Yesterday I took a (rather cold) bike ride down to Independence Park, which is just a little south of our FinallyFast offices here in Philly. The Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips are all starting to come up from the ground. So today I figured I would take a break from my regular technical news and share with you all some of the pictures I took. Bring on Spring!See! Soon we’ll have lots of flowers, and hopefully warm weather.  The soon to be blossoming flowers were right across the street from building below, which is right next to Independence Hall. That’s Benjamin Franklin over the doorway.

They are doing work on Independence Hall, hopefully we’ll be able to see the real tower soon.

Here is another look.

Anyone else ready for Spring?

One Response to “Spring is On It’s Way”

  1. happykidshappymom March 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    Am I ready for spring? I live north of you, and only yesterday did I actually see grass. As in, real, live grass. For months my only view has been snow mounds too high to see around while driving, which climb right up lawns and parks to merge with whatever man-made structure is more than four feet tall. No sidewalks. No flowers. Nothing but asphalt and snow! So yes. I am ready for spring. “Look, kids,” I said this morning. “It’s grass! Do we remember what grass is?” Thanks for the peek into warmer weather — hopefully it’ll spread up the coast soon!

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