Some skeptical about National Broadband Plan

19 Mar

The National Broadband Plan, which Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced on Wednesday, will likely improve internet access and speeds throughout the U.S. However, Washington Post technology writer Rob Pegoraro believes the economic implications are such that the increased web availability will not greatly alter the way Americans use the internet. The primary goal of the plan for those who already have reliable web access is to provide further options and competition among potential providers. Improving infrastructure and making use of unused wavelengths will allow consumers to choose from options that may have been outside of their service area before the plan. Pegoraro believes that the cost of buying the unused airwaves, though, will be high and force the FCC to develop a tax on internet use to fund its purchases – even after it receives funding from Congress. A report released in March 2009 by the International Telecommunications Industry found that the United States ranked 17th in the world in web adoption. Sweden and South Korea were the two best developed nations in terms of web presence and infrastructure. The study took place from 2002 to 2007 and also found that Eastern Europe grew the most as a region.

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