10 Ways to Find More Customers through Mobile Marketing

13 Sep

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Most entrepreneurs know that the best way for businesses to find new customers is through displaying their messages (about their products or services) where the customers’ attention is at its most focused. What you may not know is that one of the best places to find that focused attention is on your customers’ mobile phones. Approximately seventy-five percent of the world’s population has some sort of mobile device, so it goes without saying that you should take advantage of the platform. Discovering new customers with mobile marketing is simply a matter of attracting people toward your messages, and sending them out. Here are 10 mobile-marketing channels that will enhance your efforts.


1. Text-messaging

Attract customers to your SMS messages by asking people to opt-in to your text-messaging list. Use a text-messaging provider to access a short phone number (known as a common short code) and an opt-in keyword. Then simply use the text-messaging service to send out periodic text messages to those who opt in.

2. Multi-media messaging

MMS messages are like SMS messages, but they often contain pictures and sound. Attract customers in with the same opt-in process as SMS, and then send out multi-media content via your MMS service provider.

3. Mobile email 

Attract customers to your email list with signup links on your website or ask people to text in their email addresses to join. When you send your out emails to mobile users, ask for mobile-friendly actions such as clicking phone numbers instead of links or using the mobile device to show an email coupon at the point of sale.

4. Mobile search

People searching online with mobile devices are often looking for a local product or service. Attract customers to your business by including mobile-friendly maps and directions on your site. Send your location out to new potential customers by asking your customers to check in on their favorite social media service when they visit your physical location so their friends see where they are.

5. Mobile Internet

Attract mobile visitors to your site by advertising your site’s address or by including a mobile barcode in advertising that points to your site. Send out messages through your site by formatting content and navigation to be mobile friendly.

6. Mobile apps
Attract customers to your mobile apps by listing your apps in the app stores and by offering app downloads from your own mobile site. Then, send out your marketing messages through the downloaded apps.

7. Mobile content

Attract customers to content such as videos, images and downloads by providing links and mobile barcodes that activate the content. Send out that content by posting to your mobile site.

8. Mobile advertising

Attract customers to advertising by placing ads on external mobile sites such as mobile versions of newspapers, blogs and other content sites. Send out your advertising by including ads in your e-mails, text messages, mobile content and branded apps.

9. Voice

Attract customers in by advertising your phone number. Send your messages out by answering the phone or by using Interactive Voice Response systems to answer calls and send out voice messages automatically.

10. Capabilities and Enablers

Mobile devices come with built-in capabilities and enablers such as cameras, WiFi, and GPS. Attract customers in by asking customers to use their capabilities. Send out your messages in reply to people who use their capabilities by using one of the aforementioned nine channels.

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